Read what our valued customers are saying about Kinetic Inventory Management (KIM). If you are using osCommerce as your shopping cart software, we are sure that we can help you, too, save tremendous amounts of time and money just like we have for others.

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Testimonial from DragonflyECigs.com - Coppell, Texas

"We were in desperate need of a new inventory system. We had searched and tested many solutions, but none made sense since they were not directly integrated with osCommerce. That’s when we called PH Technologies, and were told about the capabilities of the KIM (Kinetic Inventory Management) System for osCommerce. The feature of the system automatically tracking sales and creating PO's based on what was actually needed, instead of what we THOUGHT was needed, was a complete game changer. I am now able to run our inventory slim and as needed and our overhead has literally been sliced in half, saving us hundreds of thousands a year. Tech support at PH Technologies was great; my system already had a very complex attribute system add-on called QTPro, but they were able to custom tailor their code to accommodate my existing setup. PH Technologies went above and beyond what any other software vendor has ever done in my experience, and they are so knowledgeable about their product, it is simply amazing. After a session of training on the KIM system our business was literally transformed overnight, cutting the time to create PO's from 20+ hours a week, down to a few minutes. Thanks PH Technologies!"

Bradley Todd
Dragonfly Products