About us

We are a division of PH Technologies, LLC

RealTimeInventory.net and Kinetic Inventory Management (KIM) are both licensed and copyrighted material developed and owned by PH Technologies, LLC. You may visit our corporate website at www.ph-technologies.com for more information on other aspects of our parent company.

We are an internet business company with years of experience operating successful online retail stores and informational websites. Kinetic Inventory Management (KIM) is a program that we developed ourselves to help manage inventory of thousands of individual products in our own retail warehouses.

We continue to update and improve this software on a regular basis and are now happy to be able to help other businesses with similar needs manage inventory more effectively. We have personally experienced a dramatic improvement in reaching optimal inventory levels since we began using this software several years ago and have saved countless hours of labor as well.

Please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your individual inventory situation with you.
You can either E-mail us at contact@RealTimeInventory.net or Call Us at 615-451-0107.